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How to build your marketing stack ?

Best of Suite vs Best of Breed

April 16th, 6PM at TheMerode

Digitalisation, the boost of available data and the rapid evolution of technologies have dramaticly transformed marketing operations, which today use more and more sophisticated tools for ever greater personalisation and automation.

How do you select the best tool or set of tools to build an effective « marketing stack » ?

Is composability something that would help marketers get faster results with their martech stack ?

What criteria should be used ? Which options ? An integrated solution or a selection of specific tools ? Best of Suite or Best of Breed ?

Our three guests, Benoît De Nayer (Co-CEO, Actito), Pierre Dubois (CRM Manager, RTBF) and Renout van Hove (Founder, Growthagent), will discuss the pros and cons of the various possible approaches.


The choice of tools and their composability, i.e. their ability to communicate with each other, are major challenges for business competitiveness. Our three experts will cover every aspect, from needs analysis to the selection of tools based on their performance, cost and interoperability.

Brands’ marketing teams to master the options available, Solutions Architects & Agencies for their internal needs or to help their clients.

All players in the marketing ecosystem - companies, agencies and media – face actually the challenge of selecting the best solutions to achieve their marketing objectives.

The debate will provide all these players with a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities in this area.

A moment of inspiration with key players, a convivial atmosphere, a truly interactive debate dynamically animated by our moderator Alain Heureux.


April 16th, 6pm, The Merode, Brussels.
Parking : Sablon-Poelaert (Bruxelles)
Public transport : Metro lines 2 and 6, Tram 8, 92, 93, 97, Bus 33
Price : 85€ excl. VAT


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Start: 16 April 2024
End: 16 April 2024
Media Marketing

TheMerode, Place Poelaert, Bruxelles, Belgique

Place Poelaert 6
1000 Brussels Brussels

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